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SKIF (Scythian) Personal Password & Data Sentinel project was started 07.07.2007

SKIF-ppds – is a multifunction program with password manager, tools for data security and data validation.

It has some unique functions - file auto ciphering and file auto deciphering, auto-MAC and some others.

SKIF – is an Open Source project distributed under the LGPL and intended for 32-bit Windows. It is planned a version for Windows Mobile 2003.

Now project is open for you.

Main characteristics and features:

  • database is completely encrypted with Blowfish-algorithm (B.Schneier, C++ implementation is based on C-«standard» by P.Kocher) in CBC-mode;
  • «token of main user password» is not present (absolutely!);
  • smart GUI;
  • full mobility (without installation, mobile database file);
  • base security functions – defense of swapping, memory revealer, brute-force attack.

  • Main functions:

    • data storage and data management of user-accounts;
    • adjustable, customizable GUI;
    • fast search;
    • full and strong search in additional form;
    • renamed title of field in user account;
    • automatic password generation;
    • verification of hash;
    • hash-calculation (SHA256, SHA1, MD5 and others);
    • CRC-calculations;
    • file-ciphering and file-deciphering (Blowfish, AES);
    • MAC – defense of file modifications;
    •  file auto-ciphering and file auto-deciphering (Blowfish);
    • two-password «way» for main data base;
    • storage any text data in database
 News: first beta version -  1.1.0 build 1250

Welcome to SKIF-ppds Beta Team and user community!

last update 25.09.07

(c) 2007 MVA                         English translation (c) 2007 J.Shvecova